Today, the Hi-tech and Manufacturing industries are undergoing changing technology, short product life cycle and complex supply chain. Like manufacturing companies, the Hi-tech and manufacturing industry also demands ERP, BI, BPM and Cloud solutions to have a competitive edge to reduce the time to market instead of squandering time and cost in planning to catch up with the market trends.

At Cemetrix we provide best in class, cost-effective, scalable, and customized solutions to our customers that help them add value to their products and processes. We also help the customers in maximizing their productivity with minimum risk and without any kind of disruption in launch dates.

Cemetrix's Comprehensive strategy is to help enterprises transition toward true enterprise application mobility: SaaS > PaaS > IaaS, supported by partnerships and multi-platform expertise

Cemetrix's business capabilities in hi-tech and manufacturing industry include:
  • Single-source "full stack" capability from infrastructure to on-device applications and cloud deployment support solutions
  • Artificial intelligence and natural language processing
  • Managed solutions to handle spikes and turfs' of resource needs
  • RFID solutions for Identity management, tracking & Inventory management.
  • Enterprises services
  • Integration of disparate systems to create work flow and decision systems
  • Specialized testing services
  • End to End Services Model (Business Consulting, IT Services, Product Engineering Services, IS Services and BPO)
  • Consulting on creating ODC’s for curtailing costs
  • BPM services for Business Transformation
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • OEM solutions
  • Advanced database administration solutions
  • Adapting retail products for enterprise markets
  • Value added services such as product surveys and market research by applying predictive analytics

For more details, please contact our Hi-tech & Manufacturing Industry expert at info@cemetrix.com