M&E companies know their industry remains in a state of flux that will continue for the foreseeable future. To keep pace amid this ongoing and sweeping change, while also building sustainable and profitable businesses for the future, companies need unprecedented operational agility. Yet many are still less than halfway along their transformation journey.

In recent years, all segments of Media and Entertainment have experienced accelerating change across several dimensions, all rooted in the pervasive impact of “digital disruption”. This change has seen consumers migrate rapidly to new modes of digitally enabled, multichannel consumption behaviors.

Slow global economic recovery and tight advertising budgets are forcing media companies to constantly evaluate their CapEx and operational costs and find new ways of monetizing content.

Cemetrix through its long-term client relationships and strategic partnerships has gained in-depth knowledge and expertise in the Media & Entertainment vertical. Cemetrix through its custom processes was successful in meeting the demands of ever changing and dynamic Media & Entertainment environment and solution requirements.

Cemetrix provides solutions that support our clients' automation efforts with solutions that enable them to broadcast their media via TV channels. From media management to On Air telecasting, Cemetrix has the right experience, capabilities and creative resources to plan, build, deploy and support the unique needs of the Media & Entertainment industry.

Cemetrix’s strong domain experience, focus on R&D innovation and the capability to provide end-to-end services for media companies, positions Cemetrix as an ideal long-term, strategic IT partner for Media & Entertainment companies.

Our business capabilities span to various portfolios in M&E industry that includes:
  • Broadcast Automation System
  • Program Tracking and Scheduling
  • Digital asset library management system
  • Global Music Video and acquisition license management systems
  • Mobility solutions such as games with popular characters, voting, trivia etc
  • Large content management systems
  • Feed frameworks to push content to 3rd party content distributors
  • Content moderation applications
  • Websites for channel branding and content delivery to the end user.
  • Tools to help the Network Operations Centre
  • Ticketing systems for live shows and theatres
  • 24*7 Production support

With our customer centric approach and project execution skills, we have ensured that the projects are done on time and within budget.

Broadcast Automation System

Typical broadcast chain at the NOC consists of automation, video servers, graphics devices and a keyer or production switcher. These feed distribution, transmission and monitoring. This system replaces traditional automation, video servers, graphics devices and a keyer with a single-box solution. It utilizes off-the-shelf commercial hardware and specialized software. The system cuts the cost by 80% to launch and maintain new channels in various geographies..

Media asset library

This system allows users across the enterprise cross-section to work with the humongous Media both physical (in the forms of tapes, disks etc.) and Digital format. It allows librarians to ingest new content in to the library system, catalogue it and track the media. The application forms the back bone for media tracking and broadcast scheduling services.

Automated Transcoding Media Delivery

It is a flagship enterprise media delivery system which addresses the hard pressing need for integrating transcoding services and, media distribution and delivery architecture, using a platform with high degrees of scalability and extendibility. The system uses a service oriented architecture approach coupled with dynamic workflows and parallel redundant methodologies to achieve the objective. The system has a notion of cost and priority and works towards minimizing transactions and delivery costs and sees that submitted jobs get processed in accord with the set business processes.

Content Moderation Tool

This system is a service bus implementation to UCSA (Unified Content Services Architecture) based on ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) provided by Apache ServiceMix. It provides a uniform abstraction layer across all different types of contents – video or audio. Moderation tool plays the role of a moderator to either approve/reject the uploaded videos by the users.

For more details, please contact our M&E Industry expert at info@cemetrix.com