This is how we do estimate a project in agile

When we're estimating a project, at times it can feel like trying to see into the future. Read on to see how our teams should handle the process !

You have an idea for a product and you want to build it in a fast manner. Even though you don't have complete clarity of the requirements or scope, you believe you will be able to define them with the help of your technology partner or enabler.

Transitioning to a Microservices Architecture

In any Engineering organisation, as the underlying business hits scale, as the number of team members grow, as the team drives towards operational excellence, transitioning to a microservices architecture seems inevitable. While the benefits of microservices architecture are common knowledge, it also comes with its unique set of challenges and complexities. When moving to microservices, the how and when can play a critical role in ensuring a smooth transition. In this talk, We will discuss some best practices in designing microservices and discuss out journey of transitioning to a microservices architecture.