The education sector can be broadly classified as primary education, secondary education, higher education, technical education and vocational education. This industry is crucial to the workforce capability of all other industries as it is responsible for skilling the current workforce and preparing future generations for work and life. However, with new challenges and rapidly changing world of requirements, it faces unique development challenges of its own.

Apart from the traditional educational system, due to new challenges and changes, home schooling, adult education, special education and e-learning education systems are growing rapidly. With tight operating budgets, increased government regulation, rising demand for financial aid and shrinking government funds, today's schools, colleges and universities face greater challenges than ever before. The challenge here is “rising expectations and diminishing funds”.

Cemetrix’s presence in the education domain is marked with technology-enabled applications, high quality solutions, structured processes and entrepreneurial leadership, that come together to deliver unmatched value. Our solutions for the K-12 segment and ready to use courses powered with engagement, collaboration and analytics which provide the metrics that are strong, clear indicators of students and classroom. Our unique approach ensures customers to rapidly extend and scale their solutions according to needs.

We have the expertise in developing end to end solutions for the education domain which are scalable, robust, user friendly, innovative and more importantly cost-effective. Our industry expertise provides the foundation for solving the most complex education problems. IT services play a lively role in the management of educational institutes. The size of schools or colleges doesn’t matter at all. Today’s schools need to manage large amount of information in an efficient manner. The schools have to keep track of a high volume of data and at the same time, keep all information procured.

Cemetrix's business capabilities span to various key areas in education system which include:
  • Non reference Education System
  • Standard based Education System
  • Complete end to end web-based Student Information System (SIS)
  • Educational Quality Management System (EQMS)
  • In detail and customized reporting on demand
  • Highly customizable software as per the need of the educational institute
  • Innovative ideas are developed in collaboration with client for best solutions as changing demands from changing policies of funding organizations.
  • Student centric, self paced, personalized E-learning applications with intuitive content
  • Easy drag and drop tools that helps ‘flip’ the classroom for Instructors
  • Built-in analytics to adapt to the demography of students