Discover enterprise-wide advantages and drive effectiveness in your organization's contingent and contract workforce with Cemetrix's complete MSP solution.

Cemetrix is uniquely placed to provide your organization with an effective vendor management program that can significantly reduce the cost and effort of managing multiple contingent staffing vendors. We offer a full-service, single source solution that is VMS-agnostic and completely vendor-neutral. We work creatively with suppliers and hiring managers to keep the relationship or 'people' element front and center in an otherwise metrics-driven, software-based solution.

Our solution includes:
  • Comprehensive consultation to ensure alignment between our services and your contingent staffing goals and corporate compliance needs
  • Technology solution advice, implementation, customization, management
  • Consolidation and management of all vendor-related communication and information
  • Metrics measurement and reporting
  • Vendor validation, performance tracking, reviews, audits, reporting
  • SLA monitoring, rate compliance, volume discount tracking
  • Co-employment monitoring and prevention
  • On-boarding and off-boarding
  • Process optimization and secure digitization
  • Support for diversity and minority programs
  • Support for recruiting drives and programs

More and more companies and government organizations have embraced a contingent workforce as part of their HR strategy to improve productivity, source talent, and better respond to market-driven needs. With Cemetrix's MSP solution, organizations can quickly reduce the overhead of managing many vendors, and derive more benefits from their program that our expertise and experience brings.