At Cemetrix, our contingent staffing services provide more than a temporary solution — we deliver on a strategic imperative.

As accelerating business cycles, market trends, and macro forces impact the workplace, businesses of all sizes need to quickly realign their workforce to win. Beyond helping clients attract the right talent, our services take a more strategic approach than a typical staffing firm. We work with our clients to leverage the contingent staffing model in innovative and effective ways, multiplying operating agility and employee performance.

Nation-wide Service

Headquartered in Seattle, we offer clients the benefit of extensive, nation-wide coverage overseen by an experienced National Accounts Team. We operate fulltime field support and account management offices in over eight cities across the United States and Canada. Our engagements are always well-supported and managed by courteous, knowledgeable professionals.

Talent Sourcing Advantage

Cemetrix has built a state-of-the-art fulfillment infrastructure consisting of professional recruiters, business processes, domain expertise, talent networks, and tools. Together these elements create a seamless, super-efficient experience that attracts in-demand talent and facilitates faster turn-around times for your open positions. We have a deep understanding of the market, competitive drivers, and how to set your company apart so that you get well qualified, fairly paid, and highly motivated candidates.


We provide contingent staffing solutions for many of the Fortune 500, but our fulfillment infrastructure is designed to work with small- and large-scale orders, as well as big brands and start-ups.

Full Service Engagements

Our services span the entire employment process, including sourcing, qualifying, recruiting, and on-boarding, through a single point of contact. We continue to manage our resources after they start on assignment, managing HR processes, payroll and benefits administration, and any related issues through organized, process-driven employee relations programs. This drives time, cost, and risk benefits for you while at the same time promoting a professional and supportive environment for our employees.

Measuring Success

With Cemetrix's contingent staffing services, your company can benefit from more flexible operating models and direct cost savings. We work directly with clients to develop engagement-specific goals and metrics that compare performance against industry benchmarks, accepted best practices, and defined objectives. Through this exercise we can also help you identify outsourcing opportunities, or creative ways of leveraging our services to further reduce risk and increase operational capabilities.