Long utilized within the technology domain, more and more organizations across industries are embracing program management to align multiple projects with business strategy and drive results. Our experience, leadership, and resources help clients mitigate risks and enhance performance throughout the program lifecycle.

Cemetrix works with the world's leading program-oriented organizations, providing insightful, tailored solutions of varying scope. Our expertise combines hands-on experience managing multi-location, multi-discipline and multi-project programs.

Pragmatic Approach

We work with clients to clearly define the scope of our involvement according to the program needs and the business objectives. Whether your organization is at the planning stage, deployment stage, or ongoing operational support, Cemetrix delivers the resources and leadership to help clients optimize and manage their programs.

Comprehensive Solutions

Cemetrix understands all the components needed for successful program execution. We have an outstanding track record in implementing effective program processes and systems that keep schedule, budget, and business outcomes well managed. Our program management services focus on:

  • Process and Workflow Optimization
  • Quality Control
  • People Management
  • Compliance (regulatory and corporate compliance requirements)
  • Governance
  • Business Reporting

Multi-Location Deployments

In order to achieve business objectives and greater efficiencies, many organizations are choosing to build multi-location programs. For many of our clients, this may mean teams clustered within a single time zone, but for others it involves nation-wide deployments and selective use of offshore teams to support both strategic and cost drivers. We are experienced in setting up and managing effective global teams, and also in transitioning teams to new locations during the course of the program lifecycle.

Programs that involve intricate interdependencies and coordination of people and assets across functional silos have delivered huge advantages for many companies. But they require specialized expertise and management oversight. Cemetrix can help your organization institute a program-oriented business model that drives business value. Benefit from our vantage point of working with multiple models and industry perspectives to make your programs a success.