As business cycles shorten and markets rapidly change, organizations are faced with smaller windows of opportunity in which to execute on strategic initiatives. Add insight and discipline to your execution tool-kit with Cemetrix's Program Deployment services and drive certainty of outcome.

Our Program Deployment services help clients achieve superior performance by delivering the right talent and resources, when and where they're needed, to execute on programs and strategies critical to success. We have a proven track record of ramping programs up and down according to planned timeframes and budgets, allowing your business to maintain momentum. We bring unparalleled functional expertise and operational insight to technology programs, marketing programs, and outsourcing programs of all sizes.

Our services are designed to deliver additional value in the form of direct cost savings, increased operational flexibility, and — thanks to our outstanding team and fulfillment infrastructure — reduced delivery risk. Features of our solutions include:
  • Best-in-class processes for technical programs
    • Development
    • Test
    • Sustained Engineering
    • Infrastructure Operations
    • Support (developer support, system support, user support, customer/partner support)
    • Data Management
  • Multi-location models, including onsite, nation-wide, and offshore deployments
  • Operational expertise within hi-tech segments across all industries
  • Proven sourcing, recruiting, and on-boarding methods to build, prepare, deploy cost-effective teams

Our organization has decades of experience focused on program deployment. We work with your managers to guide them through the deployment process, including strategy, compliance issues, support for diversity initiatives, reporting, billing, and integration with back-end systems. Our know-how makes the transition to an outsourced program under Cemetrix's expertise a seamless and organized experience for your business.