A & E Solutions: Cemetrix Engineering & Consultants offers a wide range of A & E specific solutions to help our clients develop, maintain, and build a plan for any specific project. We are committed to mobilizing our diverse team of engineers to anywhere our clients need them to be. We strive to find the optimum solution for our client’s needs, while maintaining the costs and efficiency of our company to deliver the best results.

For more information about Cemetrix’s A & E capabilities please contact us.
Cemetrix Engineering & Consultants provides these following A & E Services:
  • Site Acquisition
  • Site surveys
  • Audits & Modifications (Site/Tower/Switch)
  • New Site and Existing Site
  • Construction drawings
  • Layout Design
  • Structural Analysis
  • Structural Mapping
  • Foundation Mapping
  • Analyze the tower loading
  • Review the As-Built plans
  • Height Increase & Decrease
  • Site-Structural Work
  • PE ’ s on staff